Roof Tiles, Siding & Façade Products

Acrylic emulsion polymers and silicones for concrete or metal roof tile & fiber cement products

Formulating Metal or Concrete Roof Tiles & Fiber Cement Products

Dow offers acrylic polymers and silicone based chemistry for enhancing the longevity and aesthetics of roof tiles and façade products.

Dow acrylic emulsions are designed for use as site- and factory-applied sealers and coatings while silicone hydrophobers impart water repellency as integral protection or surface protection.

Improving durability and aesthetics of fiber cement tiles and siding with Dow solutions

Backed by our long-standing expertise in fiber cement application, Dow offers acrylic emulsion binders and additives with proven performance for corrugated sheets, roof slates, facade panels. Formulation guidance expertise helps to improve durability as well as efflorescence and alkali resistance.

Our portfolio includes acrylic emulsion polymers for clear and pigmented basecoats as well as for clear and pigmented topcoats. The polymers offer good water permeability resistance, resistance to water whitening, block resistance, formulation flexibility and more essential properties.

Completing Dow’s offering to fiber cement material producers are silicone hydrophobers for coated and uncoated fiber cement substrates, with products tailored for either integral use or post-treatment of surfaces providing reliable and long-lasting water repellency.

Dow chemistry for integral and surface protection of concrete roof tiles

Dow offers acrylic emulsion polymers designed for use in topcoats, coatings and sealers for concrete roof tiles, pavers, bricks and blocks.

These products enhance properties such as resistance to efflorescence and to water whitening.

Our comprehensive range of silicone based additives includes integral water repellents as well as products for surface protection – all of which provide reliable wheatherization resistance and hydrophobicity.

Supporting good weathering performance for metal roof tiles

Dow offers 100% acrylic emulsion polymers designed for use in the application of both glaze and basecoats for metal roof tiles.

In metal roof tile applications, these polymers are tailored to promote excellent gloss potential, block resistance, durability and flexibility, as well as water whitening resistance – helping customers to formulate metal roof tiles with desired properties for long-lasting performance.