Footwear That’s a Step Ahead

Growing and changing consumer demands require new and innovative materials and technologies to produce footwear that meets increasingly high expectations for style, comfort, performance and durability.

Our decades of collaborative experience have given rise to a diverse line of products that can help you deliver the right combination of appearance, functionality, productivity and lower costs, whether it’s slippers or sandals, hiking or work boots, athletic or casual shoes, or other unique application.

Stand Out in Any Market

Dow offers solutions for a range of needs, including:

  • Polyurethane soling systems that deliver excellent durability and flow for complex mold shapes.
  • Components for soft and medium-hardness applications that balance softening temperature, open time, thermoformability and stiffness, and shape retention.
  • Olefin block copolymers that enable lightweight midsoles with exceptional rebound, compression set and dimensional stability.
  • Polyolefin elastomers for footwear foams that deliver excellent resiliency and cushioning.

Whatever the market or application, we have the know-how and technology to help you stand apart from competitors.