This trio of 12% MIPA, 44% DIPA and 44% TIPA is used in manufacturing flexible foams. It is a unique mixture that is also used in an array of specialty applications, including hand cleaner formulations.

For more information please see our Table of Physical Properties.

pdf icon Isopropanolamine Mixture Technical Data Sheet ( PDF)
pdf icon Isopropanolamine Mixture Safety Data Sheet (14 KB PDF)
pdf icon DOW Isopropanolamines Specifiers Guide (443 KB PDF)
pdf icon Biodegradability of the Isopropanolamines (13 KB PDF)
pdf icon Basic Chemicals with Surfactant Properties for Personal Care Products (12 KB PDF)
pdf icon Toxicology Overview: Isopropanolamines (12 KB PDF)
pdf icon Isopropanolamines Storage and Handling Considerations (31 KB PDF)
pdf icon Handling Frozen Isopropanolamines (12 KB PDF)
pdf icon Isopropanolamines Low Freezing Grades (11 KB PDF)