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Drive the competitive advantage

In an increasingly demanding marketplace, you need proven solutions that contribute to your vehicle’s overall sustainability performance without compromising quality. Today’s consumers expect automobile interiors that are comfortable, durable, quiet, safe and sustainable.

Meet a diverse range of performance, economic and processing requirements for various applications, including automotive interiors and headliners, with our line of versatile materials and technologies, including:

  • Polyurethane foams – improving vehicle safety, structural strength, acoustics and comfort; offering improved look and feel for vehicle interiors; ideal for managing noise, vibration and harshness from the road and engine; appropriate for applications throughout the interior and in various cavities
  • Hot-melt adhesives – improving joint performance, optimizing processing and bonding a vast range of substrate combinations; available as a solvent- or water-based solution for applications including door panels, glove boxes, instrument panels, sun visors, seating and more
  • Composites – enabling parts integration and delivering efficiencies in materials and processing; providing improved handling and rapid cycle times in hybrid construction; achieving significant weight reduction and increased processing efficiency
  • Impact modifiers – increasing the ductility of injection-molded compounds and engineering resins; improving impact resistance, enhancing heat stability, offering low-temperature toughness and reducing melt viscosities
  • Specialty elastomers – delivering easier processing and paintability, improved aesthetics, enhanced durabliity and performance, and weight reduction for hard and soft thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) applications
  • Polyether polyols – providing more sustainable foam shape options in headliners; improving foam shape memory after compression; offering excellent foam flowability and compression-set properties; helping reduce VOC emissions from molded foams