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ComfortScience™ Studio

Where Material Science meets Comfort

At ComfortScience Studio, scientists, manufacturers and brand owners collaborate to create innovative new products that offer customizable comfort. Here, Dow specialists combine chemistry expertise with advanced data analysis, tests and technology to help improve comfort and facilitate deeper, more refreshing sleep.


Our Capabilities

Pressure Mapping | Identify ideal mattress constructions that produce an enhanced lower pressure sleep. These tests help us to develop high performance materials that can deliver pressure point relief and less accumulated force, resulting in more restful sleep.

Deformation | Analyze spinal alignment and the role of various materials in bedding constructions, with the goal of maintaining a spinal alignment as close to neutral as possible. This aids in reducing spinal stress and discomfort during sleep.

Human Body Simulation | Utilize weighted and heat reactive simulation manikins. These manikins allow us to test how effective our cooling technologies and moisture management options perform when exposed to the heat and moisture generated by the human body without needing to engage a human test subject.

Infrared Imaging | Answer the following: How warm does the mattress get? How long does the mattress stay warm? What surface treatments are most effective at keeping people cool?

Heat & Moisture Transport | Study fundamental properties of a mattress like thermal conductivity and moisture diffusion, which allows us to develop options that can deliver a more restful sleep. These test results enable the creation of cooler, drier, and more comfortable sleep products.

Climate Adjusting Test Rooms | Simulate various seasons and geographies for the testing of bedding material performance. ComfortScience Studio NA is equipped with multiple sleep testing rooms with adjustable temperature and moisture controls, allowing us to craft optimal options for most climate conditions.

Our Methodology

The methodology behind our science centers around the three dimensions of comfort: Ergonomics, Microclimate, and Sensation.

Ergonomics | Optimizing the relationship between the material and the weight, shape and size of the human body to create supportive, high-performing system.

Microclimate | Maintaining comfortable levels of temperature and humidity in the microclimate that exists between material and the body.

Sensation| Understanding a material's textural qualities and its response to light touch, in order to deliver a tangible sensation of well-being.

By configuring three dimensions of comfort differently, Dow can create options to help deliver a highly comfortable experience and address specific bedding needs.

ComfortScience Studio is a game-changing way to experience how co-operation, customer insight and the scientific method can engineer absolute comfort. This collaborative meeting, education and demonstration space is dedicated to exploring and developing. ComfortScience.

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Introducing ComfortScience™
The application of science to create materials which deliver the most comfortable experience possible.