Great Chemistry Enables Innovative Solutions for Transportation

Solutions from Dow Elastomers help address increasing industry needs for vehicle weight reduction, durability, safety and aesthetics. To remain competitive, automotive manufacturers and suppliers must deliver improved fuel economy, safety and premium aesthetics. By 2019, global light vehicle production is expected to exceed 100 million units per year1, increasing the need for efficient and effective product offerings. Specialty elastomers from Dow can help in the production of thinner, lower-density parts and high-performance weather seal solutions the market needs tomorrow - today.

Let us show you how ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers and NORDEL™ EPDM can be applied to your process – contact us today!

pdf icon Elastomers in transportation applications (1.5 MB PDF)
pdf icon ENGAGE POEs for automotive interior and exterior TPO part design (314 KB PDF)
pdf icon Automotive Thermosets: Rev-up performance, design, and efficiency (351 KB PDF)
pdf icon Specialty Elastomers for Automotive TPO Compounds (933 KB PDF)
pdf icon NORDEL™ Product Selection Guide (2 MB PDF)
pdf icon NORDEL™ Product Selection Guide by Applications (97 KB PDF)
pdf icon ENGAGE™ Product Selection Guide (91 KB PDF)
pdf icon ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers Extrusion Guide (58.47 KB PDF)
pdf icon ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers Injection Molding Processing Guide (57.57 KB PDF)
pdf icon Chemical Resistance Guide for ENGAGE™, INFUSE™, and VERSIFY™ (118.68 KB PDF)
pdf icon Dow Elastomers Product Handling Guide (181 KB)
pdf icon NORDEL EPDM for automotive under-the-hood and weather sealing (129 KB PDF)

1WardsAuto/AFS Global Light-Vehicle Production Outlook, 2015.