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Gels and Encapsulants for Electronics

For better protection in challenging electronics

Dow silicone gels and encapsulants offer better protection and faster, simpler cure options than conformal coatings when features and components are taller than 200 microns or when the overall landscape is more complex or contains thin and sensitive wires or solder joints. These highly processable, low modulus materials cure effectively, even in layers several centimeters thick, to provide flexible protection against environmental contamination, vibration and thermal stress. They also possess excellent dielectric properties for effective insulation against high voltages.

Dow’s years experience in the field allows us to meet unique customer demands, whether it’s higher temperature stability, viscosity variety or conductive versions and other special grades. With a vast product portfolio and versatile solutions, the silicone gels and encapsulants can be used in transportation electronics, power electronics and many other applications in the advanced assembly industry.

Gel or encapsulant?

Silicone gels and encapsulants both offer excellent dielectric protection, thermal stability, and strong seals against environmental contaminants. Encapsulants generally provide greater resistance to abrasion and damage, making them a preferred choice for protecting large components or thin, sensitive wires or solder joints. For applications subject to thermal cycling, gels are a preferred potting choice, offering maximum stress relief and dielectric insulation.

What’s best for your application?

Our portfolio of encapsulants generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Standard encapsulants require a priming step if strong adhesion is needed for extra protection.
  • Primerless self-adhering encapsulants adhere to many common surfaces when heated to temperatures above 100°C during cure.
  • Specialty grades offer unique properties and benefits such as thermal conductivity, high transparency or compliance with military specifications.

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