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Gels and Encapsulants for Lighting

Potting Materials

Silicone potting materials for LED lighting

Greater reliability and protection for LED lamp and luminaire

Ensure reliable performance from LED modules, in the toughest conditions, with a better seal. Dow’s high-flow silicone potting materials protect system components including connectors, circuit modules and power supplies.

Seal, cushion, insulate, protect

These gel-like materials are a special class of soft encapsulants that offer high levels of mechanical and thermal stress relief to sensitive circuitry. Serving as dielectric insulation and protection for circuits from dust, moisture and other contaminants, these materials dissipate damaging heat and absorbcomponent noise while the reliable thermal conductivity and relative thermal indexes ensure long-term reliability and lower lifetime costs for your LED lamp and luminaire design. Select between heat or RT cure profiles to expand manufacturing flexibility and reduce processing cost.

Our silicone potting materials come in a range of product lines for different applications:

  • Standard gels – for applications that call for thermal/mechanical shock and vibration damping, excellent dielectric properties, a flexible cure schedule, and physical and electrical stability over a wide temperature range (-45 to 150°C/-49 to 302°F) and are compatible with automated dispensing equipment 
  • Low-temperature gels – for applications requiring low-temperature performance 
  • Toughened gels – for use where chemical adhesion and dimensional stability are required 
  • Specialty gels – for applications requiring low extractables, ultra-violet (UV) cure, or resistance to solvents and fuels

DISPLIX Potting Process
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' Visible Application Team has teamed up with Dow and Nordson DIMA to find a proof of concept to pot DISPLIX Oval LEDs.

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