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Conformal Coatings for Lighting

Tough, resilient protection

Protect your circuit board and gain extra reliability and long service life with conformal coatings from Dow. Our proven coatings shield circuitry in severe LED service environments, while reducing stress on components and connections, all with the added benefit of lower lifetime costs.

Dow’s silicon-based conformal coatings protect against:

  • Moisture and contaminants that can cause short circuits and corrosion 
  • Dendritic growth and electro-migration of metal between conductors 
  • Abrasion and stress on circuits and components 
  • Insulation resistance of the electronics

Learn more about the products in the three basic conformal coating families:

  • Room temperature vulcanization (RTV) elastomeric coatings are the newest family of products designed to provide fast to very fast room temperature curing in a soft stress-relieving material 
  • RTV elastoplastic coatings are available in either traditional or ozone-safe solvent-based coatings that provide good abrasion resistance with excellent board protection against contaminants such as humidity, dust corrosion and stress 
  • Solventless heat cure coatings are fast heat-curing one-part coatings that combine excellent protection in a stress-relieving material

DOWSIL™ CC-3122 Conformal Coating

All the protection. None of the solvents.

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