VORARAD™ Downhole Radium Sequestration Technology

Proppants, comprised of sand, along with water and chemicals to a lesser degree, have become the industry-standard fluid to “prop” open fractures downhole, and allow oil and gas to escape up to the well’s surface. Resin-coated sand using breakthrough VORARAD™ downhole radium sequestration technology , a 2018 R&D 100 special recognition in green technology GOLD award recipient and a 2019 silver Edison Award winner in the environmentally-friendly category - improves the environmental and safety profile of hydraulic fracturing.


  • Resin-coated sand for use in hydraulic fracturing operations


  • Improves the environmental and safety profile of hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Fuses proppant particles together and prevents them from traveling to the surface, helping alleviate pipe and pump blockage while decreasing near well bore productivity
  • Sequesters downhole naturally-occurring, but harmful radioactive isotopes from rising to the surface in flowback and produced water, allowing operators to simplify or eliminate wastewater treatment topside