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VORAMER™ Binder Systems

VORAMER™ products can be used as binders in a variety of recycling applications, bonding together different kinds of shredded materials such as rubber, flexible polyurethane foams, EVA, cork, gravel and wood mulch.


  • Sport surfaces
  • Safety surfaces
  • Rubber flooring
  • Playground surface
  • Tracks


  • Rebond Rubber
  • Durability
  • Replicable performance

The demand for products that are safer, more durable and environmentally friendly is a very important driving force for Dow in the development of tailored polyurethane products for sports and recreation surfaces. VORAMER™ products can be used as binders in a variety of recycling applications, bonding together different kinds of shredded materials such as rubber, flexible polyurethane foams, EVA, cork, gravel and wood mulch.

VORAMER™ MR Binders for Pour-in- Place Applications

VORAMER™ MR prepolymers, available as both transparent and pigmented binders, are successfully utilized to bond rubber granules. Different prepolymers are used for the production of polyurethane bonded reclaimed rubber depending on the selected manufacturing technology, which can either be the molded or the in-situ process. The high quality of VORAMER™ MR prepolymers is essential to achieve properties like easy processing, durability and color intensity. The in-situ rubber rebonding process is mainly applied for the preparation of athletic tracks and for playground surfaces.

Advantages of specific VORAMER™ MR binders include:

  • Negligible bubble formation during the moisture cure process 
  • Reduced discoloration as a consequence of prolonged UV exposure

Advantages from Dow’s aliphatic binder offerings also enable:

  • Improved color fastness performance
  • Better UV stability

The molded rubber rebonded process finds its major use in the manufacturing of mats or molded items, such as safety tiles, underlay mats, roadbuilding accessories and sound- or Vibration-dampening mats.

VORAMER™ MR Binders for Molded Tiles, Recycled Rubber, Foam and Various Applications

VORAMER™ technology of binders is suitable for manufacturing various products available again from base Production waste. The VORAMER™ products cater to the trends market wide and in a differentiated way, offering solutions and high productivity for elastomers, adhesives and sealants. The prepolymers have a fundamental role in polyurethane chemistry. They allow a customization-precise structure and performance of the final polymer matrix, resulting in physical and mechanical properties that are more advanced. Through careful selection of isocyanates and polyols, Dow produces prepolymers, viscosity- and reactivity controlled, tailored to each specific demand. This allows a level of highly uniform quality, ensuring the best result in the final applications.

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VORAMER™ Binder Systems
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VORAMER™ Binder Systems

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VORAMER™ Binder Systems
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