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ELITE™ 5815 Enhanced Polyethylene Resin

A linear low density metallocene copolymer produced via INSITE™ Technology, processable in cast film mono- and coextrusion equipment designed for polyethylene.


  • High performance machine
  • Wrap cast stretch films
  • Breathable and nonbreathable backsheet films
  • Extrusion coating cloth-like backsheet
  • Hygiene apertured topsheet


  • Excellent extensibility for higher yields of units wrapped per film reel used for regular loads
  • High impact and puncture resistance at moderate stretch levels for irregularly shapred loads
  • Improved processability for high speed cast machines
  • Improved toughness, pin-hole resistance and perforation by SAP in backsheet films


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Anti-block Yes No false
  • Density (ASTM D792) Yes No 0.91 g/cm3
  • Heat Seal Initiation Temp in °C(°F) Yes No 90.6°C (195°F)
  • Melt Index (g/10min @190°C/21.6 kg) Yes No 15
  • Melting Point, DSC (Dow Method) in °C(°F) Yes No 124°C (255°F)
  • Slip Yes No false

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ELITE™ 5815 Enhanced Polyethylene Resin
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ELITE™ 5815 Enhanced Polyethylene Resin

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ELITE™ 5815 Enhanced Polyethylene Resin
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