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ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer

Provides outstanding hold and styling durability with excellent humidity resistance. Recommended for a broad range of applications, from aerosols (35-80% VOC) and pump sprays to gels, mousses, pomades, lotions and creams. INCI Name: Acrylates/Hydroxyesters Acrylates Copolymer Acrylates Copolymer


  • Provide maximum hold and best-in-class day-long durability 
  • Excellent humidity resistance  
  • Fast-drying application with no tackiness and virtually no flaking  
  • Promote hair shine
  • Offers strong holding power and durability

​Enhanced products to style a variety of hair types

For hair styling products that promise to deliver long-lasting, flexible control and stand up to humidity, Dow offers a patented dual-phase hair styling polymer, ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer. This durable, acrylic-based polymer is extremely versatile and can be used across applications like mousse, gels, pomades, sprays, aerosols and creams to help your consumer achieve the look they want.

ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer has the ability to create products with different performance profiles based on use levels, meaning tailoring hold and durability levels to the consumer need you wish to answer. Whether the styling product is meant to provide curl retention or a sleek, shiny look, ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer can help.

Enhance the product manufacturing process

  • Patented dual phase (soft and hard phase) durable, acrylic-based polymer
  • Provided as easy-to-use emulsion
  • Formulation flexibility and potential raw material savings
  • Allows for low-energy processing, quick dissolution and eliminates dust-handling issues

ACUDYNE™ Hair Styling Polymers can be blended to bring together the benefits of the various resins into one powerful solution. Dow’s go-to hair styling polymers - ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer and ACUDYNE™ 180 Polymer - can be combined in various blend ratios and use-levels to provide tailored performance for your specific needs.​

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ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer
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ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer

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ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer
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