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Cable Accessories

Improve infrastructure safety. Increase energy efficiency. Reduce maintenance costs.

Proven SILASTIC ™ liquid silicone rubber (LSR) elastomers from Dow allow you to construct medium and high voltage distribution materials such as cable end terminations, cold-shrink splices, terminations, adapters and connectors that:

  • Extend service life -- silicones remain hydrophobic, resisting water long after other materials fail 
  • Improve reliability -- resilient silicone rubber stands up to environmental contaminants, physical stresses, and vandalism 
  • Are easy to install: pre-molded, assembly-free cable end terminations 
  • Reduce total system costs including raw material costs 
  • Improve arc-track resistance

Gain manufacturing productivity and design flexibility

  • Design cold-shrink splices using very-low-modulus silicone rubbers with high tear resistance -- ideal for quick, tool-free installation in confined distribution situations 
  • Maximize your production processes for casting, coating, or injection molding 
  • Utilize LSRs for maximum process efficiency 

Get exactly what you need

Silicone rubber products from Dow can be tailored to specific performance and application requirements and are globally manufactured to consistent quality and performance standards.

  • High-quality silicone rubber bases, high consistency rubber compounds and liquid silicone rubbers offered at competitive, market-driven prices 
  • Customized compounding options that help you save money, time and labor 
  • Reliability, proven performance and global product availability 
  • Flexible buying options that let you adjust to changing needs for value, security and convenience