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Silicone Release Coating Delivery Systems

Delivering the difference

With SYL-OFF™ silicone release coatings, you can gain the broadest array of delivery system choices.


More than any other coating technology on the market, solventless coatings offer more ways to obtain the best possible release level versus peel speed, for any adhesive or substrate.

Best suited for

  • Films
  • Calendered papers
  • Coated papers with smooth surfaces
Laboratory beaker with clear liquid on a white background


  • Fewer environmental, health, safety, and regulatory concerns
  • No expensive solvent recovery equipment required
  • Contains no carrier that must be driven off – faster line speeds
  • Less likely to damage films


  • Needs precision coating equipment to achieve low coat weights to make economical release liners
  • May require corona treatment or additives to achieve same level of solvent-based anchorage
  • Potential for soak-in on porous papers


With a long history of success on films and smooth, hard-surfaced papers, solvent-based coatings are highly versatile, with a high degree of solvent holdout.

Best suited for

  • Film
  • Smooth, hard-surfaced papers


  • Economical
  • Good coverage at very low coat weights
  • Uses conventional coating equipment (i.e. Meyer rods, direct gravures)
  • Improves anchorage through slight "swells" on film surfaces


  • Potential for film or paper coating damage
  • Potential for soak-in on more porous papers
  • Higher environmental, health, safety, and regulatory concerns than solventless systems

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