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Bakery Paper

Innovative range of SYL-OFF™ emulsion release coatings

Dow offers an extensive lineup of food release emulsions to meet needs in the production of food processing paper which further enhance speed, sustainability and profitability. The emulsions can be applied off-line and in-line as part of the existing papermaking operation, eliminating the need for additional equipment and energy-consuming drying steps.

New release coatings for food packaging and processing applications

SYL-OFF™ EM 7978 Coating

  • Low-platinum catalyst level and low dusting for cost efficiencies during operation
  • Developed for premium-release and water repellence at coating weights as low as 0.20 g/m²
  • Enables release paper manufacturers to take advantage of several global trends
  • Developed for in-line and off-line coating
  • High growth market demand from the food industry for more productivity, safety, and sustainability

SYL-OFF™ EM 7990 Coating

  • Delivering fast cure and low-platinum catalyst level 
  • Optimized for off-line coating

SYL-OFF™ EM 7950 Coating

  • For multipurpose food release
  • Optimized for off-line coating

SYL-OFF™ EM 7920 Coating

  • Offering extended bath life for multipurpose food release
  • Optimized for off-line coating


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SYL-OFF™ EM 7978 Coating
Winner of R&D 100 Awards from R&D Magazine