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Electrical Insulation

Shielding your shine

LEDs, like all electrical devices, require dielectric materials to insulate leads, wires and other components against crosstalk. Yet as LED designs and applications expand in number and diversity, the sensitive electronic elements inside require insulation against other environmental factors as well. Thermal cycling during and after fabrication can put damaging stress on LED components, while demanding outdoor and automotive applications are exposing LEDs to higher heat and impact.

Silicone coatings and potting materials from Dow help protect LED assemblies against an array of environmental factors. In addition to dielectric insulation, Dow’s low modulus encapsulants provide excellent protection against mechanical shock and vibration.

Why silicones?

Silicones provide optimal insulation benefits, in comparison to other materials, because of their high dielectric strength.

Dow materials address the key performance issues that challenge the longevity of LED designs.

  • Conformal coatings – ensure durable resistance to chemical, environmental and moisture contamination.
  • Pottants – protect LED drivers from moisture and dust while dissipating damaging heat and absorbing component noise.
  • Silicone gels – provide a flexible dielectric coating that completely insulates and protects delicate parts, such as solder joints and wire bonds, from the effects of thermal expansion.

Which silicones?

DOWSIL™ 3140 RTV Coating is a translucent adhesive or coating with good flowability, high elongation value for vibration/ mechanical shock dampening and low stress, good flame resistance, UL, IPC and Mil Spec tested, contains UV indicator.

SYLGARD™ 527 A&B Silicone Dielectric Gel is a two-part, 1 to 1 mix ratio dielectric gel that is suitable for sealing and protecting various electronic devices, especially those with delicate components

DOWSIL™ 1-4105 Conformal Coating is a One-part, clear, fast heat cure, soft, stress-relieving, UL, contains UV indicator. Suitable for use as a protective coating for rigid and flexible circuit boards.

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