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Fiber Reinforced Cement Boards

Fiber reinforced cement boards

Extend the weatherability and service life of fiber reinforced cement products with silicone chemistry

Specialty materials, collaborative problem - solving and innovation support from Dow can help you extend the weatherability and service life of your fiber reinforced cement boards, panels, siding and roofing.

With a thorough understanding of how silicone chemistry improves fiber reinforced cement products and processes… and proven success in innovating with customers around the world, Dow is uniquely equipped to work side by side with you to develop innovative solutions that can:

  • Improve the performance of your fiber reinforced cement products. 
  • Improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

Plus, we have the proven ability to meet your large - volume material needs, globally.

Opportunities for product and process improvement

Graph explaining FRC

Collaborate with Dow

We offer proven products, alternative options and materials tailored to your requirements, including:

  • Hydrophobic admixtures that can reduce water absorption and provide integral protection in the final product, eliminating the need for a post - treatment
  • Post - treatment sealers or water repellents that give you a variety of application options and improve the water resistance of fiber reinforced cement products without negatively impacting post - coating adhesion

In addition to water repellent chemicals, Dow offers collaborative support, including application knowledge and advice on the effective use of silicone chemistry, to help you improve both your manufacturing process and the performance of the products you market.

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