Holistic Beauty

Fostering holistic beauty: legacy and innovation combined

We thrive on meaningful connections. We are more interested than ever in understanding the impacts of our choices on the environment and in the well-being of communities. By fostering a holistic approach to beauty, we are encouraging all generations to collaborate proactively and live consciously. Look better by feeling better.

TrendsLab is a series of inspiring concept collections for tomorrow’s beauty trends. Each edition offers formulation concepts showcasing how to get ahead of the consumer curve in your own product development. Our sample kit will let you see and feel how these formulations can help you stay ahead of the trends — and in sync with the trendsetters’ demands. Get the TrendsLab app. Augmented reality lets you experience our sample kit in all new ways.

Tomorrow’s beauty trends are represented by these three concepts: Out & About, Wholeness and Beauty Aces.

TrendsLab Concept Collections:

Woman standing on paddleboard looking at city skyscrapers on horizon.

Out & About: make the most of your on-the-go day

Busy lifestyles demand multifunctional efficiency and protection. The global citizen prioritizes formulations that highlight convenience and that can be further customized to meet the needs of different activity levels. From day to night, from work to workout, the complexity of beauty rituals is no longer an excuse for jetsetters across the globe.

Sun on the Run
A lightweight, non-sticky, mineral-based sunscreen offering UVA and UVB protection in an easy, on-the-go roll-on format

Bubbly Boost
For the face or body, a convenient stick that gently cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes skin

Woman wearing navy polka dot dress reaching back to hold a man’s hand making eye contact with camera.

Wholeness: experience a new level of inclusion

Beyond wellness. Beauty is no longer defined by stereotypes from the past. Embrace your natural beauty with personal care ingredients that make people look better and feel better – no matter the demographics and their individual needs. By linking performance to differentiated sensory experiences, we are bringing together the best parts of soothing beauty journeys that positively impact everyone.

For hair and beards, a styling cream for taming, conditioning and shine based on Dow’s new hair care natural ingredient

Icing on Top
With a butter cream texture, a face cream that can be directly applied or left overnight for skin moisturization and anti-aging for a spa feel right at home

Blonde-haired woman staring at camera with fingertips touching side of the face.

Beauty Aces: access to professional performance at your fingertips

From promising to proven. The digital gateway to the future is now available to all, enhancing our knowledge and enabling easy and meaningful connections to top beauty experts. Expertise and know-how that deliver salon-quality results are now a digital touch away. We are optimizing connections that make it work in a brave new world.

Precision brush with temporary color to conceal grey in hair or beards, optically fill hairline, extend highlights and define eyebrows

Bella Edges
Hair styling cream gel for flexible, all-day hold and shine ‒ without compromising hair sensory and appearance

Volcanic Gaze
A dramatic purple metallic eyeliner that is easily applied, long-lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof — and easily removed