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Film Formers

Film-Formers Offer Infinite Possibilities for Beauty at Every Age

Within each of us is an infinite capacity for beauty. Help consumers maximize and protect their beauty at every age with film-formers from Dow… while also addressing the needs of the eco-conscious consumers.

Film-formers are polymers capable of forming a cohesive and continuous film on keratinous surfaces with optimal adhesion and flexibility properties.

These polymers offer a different and complementary approach to meeting evolving consumer needs through the formation of a potentially long-lasting “second layer” over the skin. This approach can be tailored to:

  • Your application – color cosmetics and skin care, face care or sun care
  • The consumer's need – specific skin type, desired comfort level and water vapor permeability
  • Deliver a positive skin-care experience with sensory attributes that make an immediate impression, while providing longer-term comfort and protection benefits
  • Multiple film-forming technologies  available for greater versatility
  • Multiple carriers available for greater formulation and manufacturing-process flexibility
  • Good compatibility with common cosmetic ingredients, allowing incorporation in common product types, such as face care, sun care and color cosmetics
  • The use of DOWSIL™ FA PEPS in formulations allows brands to effectively address the need for improved sustainability profiles of their products by reducing their environmental impact.
  • Use of water vapor permeable materials to preserve skin health and breathability
  • Variable film flexibility for wearing comfort and enjoyment
  • High sebum and water repellency as well as high rub-off resistance properties to provide outstanding long-lasting benefits and a rewarding daily skin-care experience
  • Engage with increasingly eco-conscious consumers: DOWSIL™ FA PEPS uses a renewable-based carrier. This technology enables the production of more environmentally sound make-up and skin care products

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DOWSIL™ FA PEPS Silicone Acrylate film former in a bio-based carrier