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NUCREL™ Acid Copolymers

Better bonding to metal

NUCREL™ resins can be used in a wide range of applications, from packaging to industrial and consumer products. These resins are branched copolymers of ethylene and methacrylic or acrylic acids. Acid side chain branches bring unique functionality to these highly polar resins, while long chain branches make these resins easy to use in producing blown and cast films, as well as extrusion coatings and laminations.

For converters with extrusion capabilities, NUCREL™ is a cost-effective foil adhesive solution. It allows for high-speed extrusion coating and lamination, resulting in fewer package failures, which helps reduce waste. And unlike chemical primers and adhesives, NUCREL™ resins provide adhesion without the inconvenience and rate limitation of applying and drying an adhesive solution.

NUCREL™ for packaging applications

NUCREL™ provides excellent adhesion to metal with low-temperature seal-through-contamination properties ideal for packaging products from condiments to juices and aseptic milk to pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

NUCREL™ ethylene acid copolymer resin provides an outstanding, chemically-resistant metal bond, making it a reliable, cost-effective foil adhesive for a range of applications. NUCREL™ bonds to the oxide layer on the aluminum and provides strong bonds that are resistant to attack by mild to moderate acids and bases.

Besides foil, NUCREL™ can adhere to paper in extrusion coating, nylon in coextrusion, and can be extruded or injection molded at slightly lower processing temperatures than polyethylene (PE).

NUCREL™ is also an excellent heat sealant, with hot tack strength and seal through contamination properties that allow for reliable heat seals at high packaging machine speeds.

Other performance properties include toughness, light weight and durability in aggressive chemical (e.g., acetic acid) environments.

NUCREL™ for industrial and consumer products

NUCREL™ acid copolymer resin is used in metalized building panels, water piping, cable shield and other industrial applications. Available in multiple grades, NUCREL resins, feature varying levels of acid and melt index.

Specialized NUCREL™ grades

NUCREL™ AE for LDPE extrusion coating is used as a packaging adhesive and sealant, modifying polyethylene (PE) packaging structures to improve foil adhesion.

NUCREL™ AE is a terpolymer of ethylene, methacrylic acid, and acrylate. It is available for use in conventional extrusion coating, coextrusion coating, and extrusion laminating equipment designed to process polyethylene resins. It is used as a modifier for PE in blends of approximately 20%-40% of NUCREL™ AE in LDPE extrusion for enhancement of foil adhesion properties. When processed under correct conditions, it provides improved foil adhesion and increased hot tack strength. The level of adhesion improvement depends on processing conditions and the amount of NUCREL™ AE added.

NUCREL™ HS (High Stability/High Speed) grades for extrusion coating allow for high-speed processing due to improved thermal stability, are capable of running at thin coating thickness, and support better processes and enhanced performance by reducing crosslinking issues.

NUCREL™ HC (High Clarity) film grades provide very low haze and high gloss for applications which require see-through packaging.