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AXELERON™ Telecommunication Cable Compounds

Protecting the cables that connect us

A lot of work went into you being able to view this web page. Of course, someone wrote it, someone designed it, and someone programmed it. But how did it get to your screen?

Cables. Lots and lots of cables. Connecting people. Bringing us entertainment. Keeping us informed. But not without proper insulation, jacketing, and/or buffering compounds.

Enter AXELERON™ Telecom Cable Compounds. They provide high performance insulation to copper cables and are a part of the smooth protective coverings in coaxial, copper LAN/twisted pair, and fiber optic cables found in homes, businesses, or anyplace else that uses telecommunications. They help deliver broadband access and even cell phone transmissions. They can even help boost signal efficiency, with up to a 30 percent decrease in dielectric loss in some applications. (1) And they do it all by combining high line speeds and production efficiency with excellent strength, durability, flexibility, and consistency in the field.

Buried underground, run through conduit, in cell towers… insulation, jacketing, and buffering compounds made with AXELERON™ will get the job done. So people can stay connected.

How can AXELERON™ Telecom Cable Compounds help protect the wires and cables we count on every day? Let’s take a closer look together.

(1) Data per tests conducted by Dow. Additional information available upon request.