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ASPUN™ Fiber Grade Resins

Looking for softness?

Imagine you are lying on a cloud. That incredible lightweight super soft feeling is against your skin. Feel’s good? That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop and advance ASPUN™ Fiber Grade Resins. But we haven’t reached this level of softness alone. Working side by side with our industry colleagues and customers has made all the difference in the ASPUN™ resins of today.

ASPUN™ offers more than just softness and comfort in the end application; these resins process exceptionally well. How?

  • The ability to process across a wide temperature range (220° to 300° C), allowing it to be used with different polymers
  • A low melting temperature, in comparison to PP, to allow for quick and efficient bonding
  • Fast crystallization kinetics allowing for high melting temperatures during processing

Let’s find the right grade for you

Every ASPUN™ grade has something different to offer. We can work with you to deliver the results you’re looking for.

One example: ASPUN™ 6000 Polyethylene Fiber Grade Resins, engineered to produce ultra-soft nonwovens. They improve spinning performance as well as thermal bonding and designed to for long-term processability. In addition to all the comfort properties of all ASPUN resins, this one has improved abrasion resistance (low linting and fuzzing) when combined with other materials in bicomponent fibers.

Blends of ASPUN™ resins with DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins, AGILITY™ Performance LDPE Resins, or DOW™ LDPE Resins can offer desired combinations of softness and strength, ASPUN™ resins also work well with polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) structures. Typical nonwoven applications are top sheets, back sheets, and the acquisition distribution layer.

Plus, our latest offering, ASPUN™ MB Meltblown Fiber Resins offers additional processing efficiencies, including:  

  • Comparable throughput rates with lower extruder and die pressures than PP 
  • The potential for lower production costs based on reduced air temperature, air flow rate, and melt temperature   

How can we help with your nonwoven applications? 

ASPUN™ Fiber Grade Resins

Explore how ASPUN can be used to bring softness and improved performance to diaper and absorbent hygiene applications.