VORASURF™ TF 3607 Additive

Silicone surfactant for ester slabstock foam, TDI/MDI high resilience (HR) molded, and microcellular foam systems. Used for urethane elastomer foam and footwear (shoe sole) applications.


  • Ester slabstock foam
  • TDI/MDI HR molded foam
  • microcellular foam


  • High shoe sole density



  • Flash Point, Closed Cup はい いいえ 109 °C
  • Shelf Life はい いいえ 730 Days
  • Specific Gravity @ 25C はい いいえ 1.05
  • Viscosity at 25ºC はい いいえ 1020 Centistokes
  • VORASURF™ DC 5357 Additive

    Silicone surfactant for the production of rigid polyurethane foam used in appliance and insulation panels applications, including pour-in-place.

  • VORASURF™ FF 5526 Additive

    Silicone surfactant for polyester slabstock foam.

  • VORASURF™ DC 5986 Additive

    Medium-efficiency silicone surfactant compatible with a wide range of flexible polyurethane slabstock foams formulations.

  • VORASURF™ DC 5000 Additive

    Silicone surfactant for use as an internal mold release in flexible molded foam as well as for producing open-cell rigid foams.

  • VORASURF™ DC 5258 Additive

    Low potency, high cell opening silicone surfactant for flexible molded polyurethane foam. Suitable for standalone use in MDI HR molded foams. Best suited as a cell opening co-surfactant used in conjunction with higher potency surfactants such as VORASURF™ DC 2584 Additive.

  • VORASURF™ DC 198 Additive

    High-efficiency silicone surfactant used for a wide variety of flexible slabstock foam formulations.

  • VORASURF™ DC 5164 Additive

    Traditional, strong bulk stabilizing silicone surfactant for TDI flexible HR molded polyurethane foam and TM systems. Best when used in combination with cell-regulating surfactant such as VORASURF™ DC 3043 Additive.



VORASURF™ TF 3607 Additive

VORASURF™ TF 3607 Additive


VORASURF™ TF 3607 Additive
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