PARALOID™ A-21LV 30% Resin

Very hard methyl methacrylate polymer with enhanced adhesion properties. It is supplied as a 30% solution in a toluene/MEK/butanol solvent system. Also available in solid grade form. Similar to PARALOID™ A-21 Solid Grade Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin (30%) in characteristics and uses but because of its solvent system, possesses better compatibility with cellulosics, such as nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate butyrate. Also will allow a higher solids content at spray viscosity. Recommended for clear coatings for vinyl and metal; gravure and overprint inks; plastisol primers; barrier and top coats for plastic; and coatings for auto refinishing and aircraft. It has excellent adhesion to primers; is highly durable; and is highly resistant to water, grease, salt spray, and gasoline.


  • May be used in direct to metal applications
  • May be used in primer formulations  as well as coil coatings
  • Generally used with plasticizers or other modifiers to make coatings for metal, vinyl, and plastics;
  • Recommended for lacquers, vinyl and metal clear coats, gravure inks and overprint varnishes, top coats for plastic
  • General industrial finishes
  • Automotive refinishing


  • Very hard resin with enhanced adhesion
  • Excellent exterior durability



  • % Solids はい いいえ 30 %
  • % Solids Range はい いいえ 59.0-61.0 %



PARALOID™ A-21LV 30% Resin

PARALOID™ A-21LV 30% Resin


PARALOID™ A-21LV 30% Resin
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