FASTRACK™ E-2706 ER Emulsion

Easy to formulate, quick-dry polymer enabling water-based road marking formulations with fast drying performance and good glass bead retention. Due to this unique technology, it allows the following for water-based road marking formulations compared to solvent-based: • Improved road safety due to long term resistance to exposure to climatic conditions and traffic (improved glass bead retention), • Lower application and life cycle cost • Water-borne > low-VOC emissions and safer to use for workers, Lower carbon footprint • Quickset technology allows fast drying and opening to traffic • Solution for new markings or to restripe old paint and plastics markings (high compatibility with both paint and plastics) conventional water-based traffic paints. This fast dry capability dramatically improves the resistance of markings to early rain showers. The advantages of traffic marking paints based on FASTRACK E-2706 ER Binder compared with conventional solvent-based traffic paints include: • Better glass bead retention giving extended retroreflectivity/night-time visibility • Acrylic durability giving extended whiteness and daytime visibility • Environmentally acceptable - can be formulated to VOCs < 100g/l • Increased worker safety - exposure to volatile organic solvents is greatly reduced • Easier, safer cleanup using water and mild solvents or detergents • Significantly reduced disposal costs - can be solidified and disposed of as nonhazardous waste


  • Waterborne Traffic Paint
  • Road Marking Paints
  • Traffic Marking Paints
  • Water-Based Traffic Marking Paints
  • Pavement Markings
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Road Markings


  • Fast dry/ Fast dry-to-no-pickup and resistance to early rain showers under a wide range of climatic conditions
  • Enhanced retention of glass beads giving extended retro reflectivity / night-time visibility
  • Superior Environmental Impact as measured by life cycle analysis compared to other pavement marking technologies such as thermoplastic, cold plastic MMA, and solventborne markings
  • Enables low-VOC formulations exceeding most regulations for traffic marking paints
  • Paints formulated with waterborne acrylics retain their flexibility on aging and retain glass beads longer than typical alkyds
  • Superior wear properties over various bituminous and concrete road surfaces
  • Full alternative to solvent borne paint



FASTRACK™ E-2706 ER Emulsion

FASTRACK™ E-2706 ER Emulsion


FASTRACK™ E-2706 ER Emulsion
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