DOWSIL™ 7652 Adhesive

Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive for low adhesion protective film applications.
  • SYL-OFF™ SL 7028 Crosslinker
    Crosslinker designed to be used with for Syl-Off® brand solventless and solvent based silicone release coatings and DOWSIL™ brand low adhesion silicone PSAs.

  • SYL-OFF™ Q2-7785 Release Coating
    Fluorosilicone release coating offering stable release performance against specified grades of silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

  • DOWSIL™ 7657 Adhesive
    A solvent-base silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, when used with Syl-Off® 4000 Catalyst, offers the ability to prepare pressure sensitive tape constructions at low curing temperatures.

  • SYL-OFF™ SL 9176 Anchorage Additive
    Solventless additive designed to improve anchorage of silicone release coatings to unprimed polyester films.

  • SYL-OFF™ 297 Anchorage Additive
    A 100% active silane anchorage additive. Recommended for use where improved anchorage to substrate is required.

  • SYL-OFF™ Q2-7560 Crosslinker
    A 100% active solids fluorofunctional silicone crosslinker. Recommeded for use with Syl-Off® Q2-7785 Fluororelease Coating.

  • SYL-OFF™ 7689 Crosslinker
    Solventless silicone crosslinker for polyester substrates.

  • SYL-OFF™ 4000 Catalyst
    General purpose catalyst which is compatible with all Syl-off® brand solvent based and solventless release coating systems as well as Plantinum cure silicone PSAs.

  • SYL-OFF™ 7678 Crosslinker
    Solventless crosslinker recommended where optimum cure performance and bathlife are required. Suitable for use with Syl-Off® solventless and solvent based soatings.

  • DOWSIL™ 7499 PSA Primer
    Primer for silicone pressure sensitive adhesive coating on diversified film substrates (such as PET, PI, Teflon…) to improve anchorage performance in demanding tape applications.



DOWSIL™ 7652 Adhesive

DOWSIL™ 7652 Adhesive


DOWSIL™ 7652 Adhesive
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