Anti-block No
Slip false
Use Exterior Trim

Density 0.876 g/cm3
Fabrication Method Compounding and Blending, Extrusion Coating and Lamination, Fiber Spinning, Injection Molding
Functionality Mechanical Performance, Sealant (non-peelable)
Haze (ASTM D1003) 5.1 %
Melt Index ((g/10min @190°C/2.16 kg) (ASTM D1238)) 25
Melting Point, DSC (Dow Method) in °C(°F) 84 (183)
Tensile Elongation at Break, MD 850 (ASTM D638) %
Tensile Elongation at Break, TD 850 (ASTM D638) %
Tensile Strength Break, MD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 22.7 (3290) (ASTM D638)
Tensile Strength Break, TD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 22.7 (3290) (ASTM D638)
Vicat Softening Point in °C(°F) 61 (142)