Anti-block No
Slip No

Adhesion to EVOH, Nylon, PE
Bottles and Drums Use Drums, Food, Household Industrial Chemicals (HIC) / Agriculture Bottles, IBC
Comonomer MAH
Density 0.922 g/cm3
Fabrication Method Blown Film Extrusion, Cast Film Extrusion, Coextrusion with EVOH, Coextrusion with Nylon, Compounding and Blending, Sheet Extrusion
Functionality Tie Layer
MAH Graft Level High
Melt Index ((g/10min @190°C/21.6 kg) (ASTM D1238)) 2.7
Melting Point in °C(°F) 115 (239) - ASTM D3418
Product Family BYNEL
Structure Type Multilayer
Use Tie-Layers