Movement Capability -50 to 50 %
Resistance Type Ozone Resistance, Thermal Resistance, UV Resistance, Water Resistance
Special Features Non Stain Sealant
Temperature Range -29 to 50 °C
Water Resistant true

Cure System 1-Part Cure
Number of Parts One
Tack-Free Time-50% RH 40 Minutes
Where Used Factory, Job Site
Working Time 20 Minutes

Adhesion to Anodized Aluminum, Brickwork, Concrete, Enamelled and Reflective Glass, Fluorocarbon Coated Aluminum, Glass, Granite, Heat Strengthened Glass, Limestone, Low E Coated Glass, Marble, Metal Panels, Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum/Steel, Stainless Steel
Appearance Opaque, Translucent
Chemistry Neutral
Color Black, Bronze, Custom, Grey, Limestone
Durometer - Shore A 24 Shore A
Elongation 800 %
Flow/Sag (Slump) < 2.55 mm
Modulus @ 150% Elongation, maximum 49.3 psi
Movement Medium
Shelf Life 360 Days
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.24
Substrate Non-porous, Porous
Tear Strength 34.27 ppi
Tensile Strength 246 psi