DOWSIL™ Q2-7566 Adhesive

A high viscosity, polydimethylsiloxane gum and resin dispersion, that provides excellent high temperature properties with adhesion to 288°C (550°F).



  • Color 透明
  • Dielectric Constant at 100 Hz 3.04
  • Dielectric Constant at 100 kHz 2.97
  • Dielectric Strength 1012 volts per mil v/mil
  • Dissipation Factor at 100 Hz 0.004
  • Dissipation Factor at 100 kHz 0.001
  • Flash Point, Closed Cup 27 °C
  • Nonvolatile Content 57 %
  • Shelf Life 720 Days
  • Specific Gravity @ 25C 0.98
  • Temperature Stable 强/高
  • Viscosity 33000 mPa.s
  • Volume Resistivity <= 1.3e+015 ohm-centimeters
  • SYL-OFF™ SL 9176 Anchorage Additive
    Solventless additive designed to improve anchorage of silicone release coatings to unprimed polyester films.

  • DOWSIL™ 7388 Adhesive
    A solvent-base silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Provides very good high temperature properties and adhesion to 260°C, 500°F for general purpose masking/splicing and plating tapes.

  • DOWSIL™ 7657 Adhesive
    A solvent-base silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, when used with Syl-Off® 4000 Catalyst, offers the ability to prepare pressure sensitive tape constructions at low curing temperatures.

  • SYL-OFF™ 7682-055 Crosslinker
    Solventless silicone crosslinker with applications including lamination/labelstock, industrial release papers, liners of tapes, non-stick packaging, non-stick food grade packaging, and film coating.

  • SYL-OFF™ 4000 Catalyst

    General purpose catalyst which is compatible with all Syl-off™ brand solvent based and solventless release coating systems as well as Plantinum cure silicone PSAs.

  • SYL-OFF™ 7362 Coating
    A 30% solids dispersion of vinyl functional silicone polymer in toluene. A pre-catalyzed coating suitable for fast cure applications.

  • SYL-OFF™ SL 200 Coating
    Solventless coating that offers low, stable release force at variety of peel speeds.

  • SYL-OFF™ SL 7028 Crosslinker

    Crosslinker designed to be used with for Syl-Off™ brand solventless and solvent based silicone release coatings and DOWSIL™ brand low adhesion silicone PSAs.

  • SYL-OFF™ 40 Release Modifier
    Solventless release modifier that provides highly effective release modification at both low and high peel speeds.

  • SYL-OFF™ 7678 Crosslinker

    Solventless crosslinker recommended where optimum cure performance and bathlife are required. Suitable for use with Syl-Off™ solventless and solvent based soatings.

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DOWSIL™ Q2-7566 Adhesive
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DOWSIL™ Q2-7566 Adhesive


DOWSIL™ Q2-7566 Adhesive
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