DOWSIL™ Instantglaze III Assembly Adhesive

Neutral-cure hot-melt silicone for automated assembling of windows. Designed for use as productivity enhancer in the assembly of windows and doors. It is used with various types of high-speed automatic equipment (robots, XY tables, etc.) to improve manufacturing productivity and window performance. It can be used on most common window materials (wood, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass) without the need for any primer. This product is also compatible with most common insulating glass sealants.


  • Increase compressibility
  • Increase creep resistance
  • Improved air and water performance
  • Allow use of standard hot melt dispensing equipment and automated X-Y glazing tables for faster production
  • Save substantial labor time compared with manual tape glazing
  • Outperform organic hot melt sealants such as polyurethanes and butyls
  • Improve quality, reduce costs and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Minimize waste and cleanup requirements



  • Above Grade true
  • Adhesion to 釉面和反光玻璃, 挤压成型, 氟聚合物, 氟碳涂层铝, 玻璃, 半钢化玻璃, 低辐射镀膜玻璃, 金属, 金属板材, 漆, 铝材, 塑料, 聚酯粉末涂覆铝/钢, 有机硅, 钢, 不锈钢, 钢化玻璃, 瓦片, 乙烯/硬聚氯乙烯, 木材, 阳极电镀铝, 镀膜玻璃, 陶瓷
  • Application Temperature Range 120 °C
  • Color 透明
  • Cure Type 自然固化, 脱醇型
  • Durability true
  • Durometer - Shore A 33 Shore A
  • Elongation 949 %
  • Gas Permeable true
  • Green Strength 强/高
  • High 强/高
  • Modulus @ 50% Elongation 122 psi
  • Moisture Permeable true
  • Movement Capability 50 to -50 %
  • Nonvolatile Content 99 %
  • Number of Parts 单组份
  • Open Time 15 Minutes
  • Optically Clear true
  • Peel Adhesion (pli) 40 pli
  • Pot Life 1440 Minutes
  • Primerless Adhesion 无需底涂
  • Room Temperature Cure - Hours 48 Hours
  • Service Temperature High 150 °C
  • Service Temperature Low -30 °C
  • Shelf Life 360 Days
  • Specific Gravity @ 25C 1.087
  • Viscosity @ 250 F 1200 poise

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DOWSIL™ Instantglaze III Assembly Adhesive
如需了解更多信息,请 联系陶氏

DOWSIL™ Instantglaze III Assembly Adhesive


DOWSIL™ Instantglaze III Assembly Adhesive
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