DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin

A reactive amine functional silicone blending resin used as a crosslinker to improve the physical properties and long-term performance of paints and coatings


  • Primary amine functionality provides potential utility in a broad range of chemistries
  • Improves flexibility and wet adhesion
  • The silicone structure allows for improved chemical, thermal, UV and moisture performance
  • Cure chemistry eliminates mass loss, stress cracking and post-cure drift
  • Low VOC formulation



  • Benefit 树脂改性/抗紫外线能力
  • Nonvolatile Content > 97 %
  • Shelf Life 720 Days
  • Solventless true
  • Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.11 to 1.13
  • System 溶剂性
  • Viscosity 2500 to 5000 mPa.s

Create next-generation polysiloxane coatings with a new amine-functional siloxane crosslinking resin from Dow consumer solutions

Schematic illustrating DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin generates no alcohol by-product with low VOC, no mass loss and no post-cure drift

Are you looking for a way to improve the operating temperature of your epoxy coatings? Would you like to see better flexibility and adhesion in your amine-crosslinked system?

Then consider DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin. This new amine-functional siloxane resin is suitable as a crosslinker for coating formulations utilizing amine functionality. To improve flexibility, heat resistance, acid resistance and wet adhesion of the existing system. Used alone, or as a secondary crosslinker in combination with organic amines, DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin improves performance at levels as low as 6% of the resin binder. At higher usage level (30-60%), DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin can meet the harsh requirement needed for specialty applications.

Differentiated performance with DOWSIL™ 3055 resin in combination with epoxy resins

Acid resistance is improved in Bis-A, Bis-F, Novolac and Cycloaliphatic epoxy resins with the inclusion of DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin. Mandrel flexibility and wet adhesion of Bis-A and Bis-F epoxies improve with DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin at 6% of the resin binder system.

Improved thermal stability starting at 12% and is maximized when used as the sole crosslinker for specialty applications

Figure 2 shows the improved thermal stability provided by varied levels of DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin. Similar results were obtained with Bis-F, Novolac and Cycloaliphatic epoxies.

Graph: improved thermal stability provided by varied levels of DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin

Extended flexibility

Figure 3: Addition of DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin as crosslinker improves the mandrel flexibility of the epoxy coating.

Addition of DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin as crosslinker improves the mandrel flexibility of the epoxy coating

Improved acid resistance demonstrates true synergy

Epoxy coatings, using organic amine crosslinkers, have good acid resistance, but superior performance can be attained with the inclusion of DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin. Performance improvement can be seen at as low as 12% in Novolac resins.

Figure 4: Five drops of chemical were added to each resin sample and the samples were then covered with a watch glass for 24 hours.

Test images showing five drops of chemical added to resin samples and covered with watch glass

A variety of possibilities

DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin can be used in a broad array of protective coating applications. In addition, it also offers potential opportunities for performance improvement in applications outside of traditional protective coatings, including fire-resistant and intumescent coatings, composite polymers, industrial adhesives and high-temperature coatings.

DOWSIL™ 3055 resin and its utility in the coatings industry and beyond


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DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin
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DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin


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DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin
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