Appearance Benefits Fast Dissolution
Cleaning Benefits Primary Cleaning
Compatibility Caustic Stable, Compatible with Quats
Foam Benefits Easy Rinse, Foam Boost, Long-lasting Foam
Performance Benefits Wetting
Shine Benefits Anti-Filming, Low Filming/Low Streaking

Inert Ingredient Use Food Contact Surface Sanitizing (40 CFR 180.940), Non-Food, Pre and Post-harvest (40 CFR 180.910)
Regulatory Approvals CleanGredients, Nordic Swan

Biodegradation Readily
Ingredient Origin Bio-based
Sustainability Claim Biodegradable

% Actives 70 %
Chemistry Alkyl Polyglucosides
Cloud Point @1% Aqueous (ASTM D 2024) 100 °C
CMC (25°C) 1591 PPM
Foam Height - Initial (0.1 wt% actives) 112 mm
Foam Height-5 minutes (0.1 wt% actives) 115 mm
Form Liquid
Moles EO 0
Pour Point -5 °C
Surface Tension (1% actives, 25 °C) 28 dynes/cm