ICI Efficiency Best
Shear High

Performance Benefits Leveling, Surface Smoothness
Resistance Spatter, Water

Application Method Brush, Roll, Spray
Dispersant Compatibility Hydrophobic
Recommended Binder Chemistry 100% Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic, Styrene Butadiene, Vinyl Acetate, Vinyl Acrylic, Vinyl Acrylic Ethylene (VAE)
System Water-based

Emissions Standards Low VOC Capable
Ingredient Information APEO Free, Formaldehyde Free, Tin Free
Sustainability Claim Low Odor

% Solids 20 %
Ionic Nature Nonionic
pH 7
pH Range Acidic (4 to <7), Alkali (>7 to 11), Neutral (7)
Rheology Type ICI