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Municipal and Industrial Water Pipe

The advantages you want, the pipe performance you need

HDPE pipe for water supply at construction site for construction of a water supply system for a city

Water is our most precious resource. The pipes that deliver it are just as important — that’s why we work so hard to develop pipe resins that perform. And as infrastructure evolves, so does our bimodal polyethylene (PE) technology.

CONTINUUM™ Bimodal Polyethylene Resins offer a sustainable pipe solution that stands strong against corrosion, cracking and leakage. They do everything you want pipes to do — deliver water efficiently, help protect our precious natural resources and last for generations. But that’s not all.

Proven, proprietary process

Three Heavy Industry Engineers Stand in Pipe Manufacturing Factory, Use Digital Tablet Computer, Have Discussion. Large Pipe Assembled. Design and Construction of Water Pipeline

For decades, our material scientists have been working to achieve the highest levels of resin processing consistency and piping system performance.

As a result, our proprietary bimodal technology allows CONTINUUM™ Resins for PE4710 pipe to offer increased resin design flexibility with an even broader range of molecular weight distribution and a wider window of high-performance characteristics compared to traditional unimodal processes. This leads to more consistent resins from batch to batch and a more reliable supply of pipe while helping converters increase efficiency, decrease scrap rates, and potentially reduce costs.

Custom-tailored solutions

HDPE Pipeline Drainage Installation Storm HDPE Water Pipe for Building Roof Drain

We offer a complete portfolio of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe resins in standard black formulations, as well as readily identifiable blue. These options allow manufacturers to produce a broad range of pipe sizes, with diameters between ½ and 63 inches and wall thicknesses up to 4 inches.

By working closely with utilities, converters and industry organizations, we’re able to help address current and evolving issues, ensuring that finished pipelines meet specific needs. And our exclusive, regional pipe labs offer pipe extrusion capabilities along with a wide range of testing that includes hydrostatic, PENT, pipe fusion and more.

Focused on the future

Blue HDPE pipe

As cities grow and concerns about aging, deteriorating infrastructure and improved sustainability continue to rise, more communities are seeking out durable, leak-resistant water pipelines like the ones produced with CONTINUUM™ Resins. In addition to helping answer current demand, we’re engaging with our partners to develop advanced solutions that keep improving municipal and industrial water systems.

Ready for anything

From installation to operation, interior surfaces to exterior walls — water distribution pipelines must endure extreme conditions, stresses and abuses. CONTINUUM™ Resins are up to the challenge, meeting or exceeding both ASTM PE4710 and ISO PE100 standards with:

  • Strong fusion capabilities for seamless, extremely leak-resistant pipelines without mechanical fittings or gaskets.
  • Exceptional scratch and slow crack growth (SCG) resistance that can enhance pipeline life and integrity while lowering installation costs.
  • Remarkable rapid crack propagation (RCP) resistance for added durability in extreme cold.
  • Significantly reduced notch sensitivity compared to unimodal PE.
  • High elevated temperature and pressure ratings across a broad range of conditions.
  • Low thermal conductivity for more uniform system temperatures and consistent operations with less need for insulation.
  • Excellent seismic resistance that helps protect water supplies while mitigating unforeseen costs of an earthquake.
  • Good resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light degradation, per AWWA C901-20.

Outstanding chlorine resistance

Plastic water pipe in a trench

In addition to meeting the PE4710 standard, pipes manufactured with the following Dow resins exceed Chlorine category 3 (CC3) ratings, the highest chlorine resistance rating available:

For added flexibility in chlorine ratings, we also offer CONTINUUM™ DGDA-2492 BK Bimodal Polyethylene Resin (for black pipes) with a CC2 rating.

The bottom line

Their truly exceptional durability and performance make CONTINUUM™ Bimodal Polyethylene Resins an obvious choice for reducing the total life cycle costs of municipal and industrial water pipe.

Typical values, not to be construed as specifications. Users should confirm results by their own tests.

The sustainable choice for water pipes

CONTINUUM™ Resins are a sustainable choice for water distribution pipe, helping ensure safe and efficient delivery of our most needed and precious resource for years to come. These extremely durable, bimodal HDPE materials:

  • Offer the longest life cycle of any potable water pipe material, with less need for maintenance and replacement.
  • Enable downgauging – reducing material use while maintaining performance requirements.
  • Can help reduce energy consumption during manufacturing and shipping, helping increase efficiency while lowering your costs and carbon footprint.
  • Help conserve water with seamless, highly leak-resistant pipelines – whether you’re replacing outdated infrastructure or installing completely new systems.
  • Enable trenchless horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and pipe bursting installation – which are typically less disruptive and more cost efficient. Of course, conventional trench installation can also be used.
  • Combine light weight and flexibility for easier, faster installation than metal and concrete on any terrain.
  • Are available in blue formulations to help ensure easy identification by installation and maintenance crews.
  • Support community health and safety by enabling systems that preserve water quality and prevent water loss.

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Building the foundation of our society

We are always exploring, innovating, and searching for ways to make even better, more sustainable materials.

We’re excited by the opportunities – and challenges – offered by municipal and industrial water systems. Let’s talk about how we can develop advanced solutions to meet your needs.

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