Navigating the Road Ahead Together

Mobility’s pace of change is exciting, challenging, disruptive and daunting. The industry is pushing not just for a more sustainable future for vehicles, but for one that is also safer, more connected, autonomous, electric, and profitable. 

How do we support the transformation to next generation mobility?

Flexibility, innovation and, above all, collaboration are essential for success during this historic transformation. That’s why Dow MobilityScienceexists. We work alongside OEMs, tiers along the value chain, and a variety of third-party global teams on the front lines of innovation, like Jaguar TCS Racing to:

Electrical Vehicle with Battery Image

Develop cutting-edge solutions for pressing mobility challenges like lightweighting,  battery life, thermal management, EMI, durability, safety and passenger experience. 

Driver Reading Manual Image on electrical car

Test and analyze the performance of technologies in real-world scenarios.


Electrical Vehicle getting charged


How do we drive sustainable mobility?

The future of mobility is sustainable. It’s as simple as that. Learn about our integrated, full-vehicle-lifecycle approach that helps customers produce technologies with safer, lower-carbon materials, accelerate towards lower-carbon mobility and design for circularity and end-of-life in mind.

Inclusion & Diversity

How are we fostering a more diverse & inclusive mobility workforce?

At Dow, our people are at the heart of what we do. They’re the ones driving performance, providing incredible customer experiences and delivering innovation. At the forefront of over 50 industries in all geographies across the globe, we see inclusion as a culture and innovation imperative and diversity as one of our greatest strengths.

Diverse team working together
Mobility team collaborating


How do we empower the future of mobility through collaboration?

Collaboration is what drives us to push the boundaries of mobility. Whether with customers from around the globe, governmental organizations or like-minded partners like Jaguar TCS Racing, our collaborations are the fuel that helps us predict problems and deliver solutions that enable a more innovative and lower-carbon future for mobility.

News & Announcements

electric vehicle (EV) chargers and energy storage systems

The Battery Show North America

Go electric with Dow at The Battery Show North America

high-quality optics in automotive adaptive driving beam
PRESS 27 JUNE 2022

The Battery Show Europe

Dow to showcase technologies for safer, more reliable EV batteries at The Battery Show Europe

silicone expo
PRESS 21 JUNE 2022

Silicone Expo 2022

Dow to spotlight silicone solutions for transportation and consumer applications at Silicone Expo 2022


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