Safety Data Sheets

The Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries produce and market tens of thousands of products all over the world. To find the safety data sheet you need, first select the country that this sheet applies to.

This page is intended primarily for use by individuals who have access to Dow's trade product names or product codes or who are looking for a generic chemical manufactured by Dow. Safety Data Sheets are being added on an ongoing basis.

The SDS's on are the latest versions available for our products, although there are some internal processes which may take several days for updated versions to be posted on our website. To ensure you have the latest available version, you can contact the Dow Customer Information Group. All of the hazard and precautionary information in these SDS's is current, although the Dow Company Identification and emergency telephone numbers in Section 1 may not be correct for your country. When you purchase a product from Dow, your company will be sent an SDS with the correct Company identification, language, and emergency telephone number. SDSs from this website are not meant to replace copies automatically distributed to customers from our corporate SDS distribution system.

If you need additional help in finding Safety Data Sheets, please contact the Dow Customer Information Group.