Non-supported UCON™, SYNALOX* and FLUENT-LUB* Applications:

  • Production of tobacco and in the manufacture of tobacco products (including additives, humectants, filters, inks and paper)
  • Use of high molecular weight 50:50 EO:PO butanol initiated products in spray, mist or aerosol applications
  • Use in wet rotary screw air compressors used for breathing air
  • Any application involving aerosol, mist or spray - a business risk review shall be conducted prior to any commercial sale
  • Generation of artificial smoke/theatrical fogs/mists
  • Aircraft hydraulic fluids
  • Commercial or developmental application intended for:
    • Permanent (long term) contact with internal body fluids or internal body tissues. Long term is a use which exceeds 72 continuous hours.
    • Use in cardiac prosthetic devices regardless of the length of time involved (cardiac prosthetic devices include, but are not limited to, pacemaker leads and devices, artificial hearts, heart valves, intra-aortic balloons and control systems and ventricular bypass assisted devices)
    • Use as a critical component in medical devices that support or sustain human life
    • Use specifically by pregnant women or in applications designed specifically to promote or interfere with human reproduction

®™* Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow