A testimonial from Uwe Kleinert, organic farmer in Olberhau in Sachsen (Germany) 

Uwe Kleinert manages a farm of 50 hectares located at height of 600 metres, with 200 sheep.

Mr. Kleinert feeds his sheep exclusively bale silage and produces 250 bales per year and estimates that his yearly bale production will grow in the future.

"Bale silage is a high quality, healthy and secure fodder, an essential prerequisite in organic farming. It is a very flexible farming tool in terms of feed production and feeding process. Bale silage allows us to produce silage when the whether conditions are most favourable und it is a technique that suits perfectly small grassland surfaces in hilly areas as in the Erzgebirge region.

"We are also able to feed bales silage dynamically according to the specific needs of our sheep. For instance, silage of the first cut which has normally the highest quality can be feed when the sheep need it the most. As we use the bales within short time periods after we have opened them, we have in fact no losses.

"We use six layers of high quality silage wrap as a standard, mostly white colour. Our many years of experience with silage production, and bale silage in particular, thought us that when using six layers we have practically no losses, which is not always the case when using only four layers". 


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