Every day, Dow people change the world.

Sustainable Communities

Each day, Dow people are seeking solutions to the complex environmental, economic and social challenges facing our world. Through global citizenship, we put into action the company’s commitment to advancing human progress by striving to create sustainable communities.

As part of our efforts, we look for solutions to enable economic development, sustainability, and education that lead to socially healthy and resilient communities, while also supporting and furthering business success, in alignment with the company’s 2025 Sustainability Goals. Our holistic approach promotes relevant, long-term change for communities be engaging in integrated solutions and cross-sector collaborations.

Dow’s Global Citizenship efforts are multi-pronged and focus on education, workforce development, hunger, water resources, substandard housing, energy efficiency, and poor health.

Dow focuses these efforts within two strategic commitments: Building the Workforce of Tomorrow and Innovating for Global Solutions.

The passion and expertise of our people are the heart and soul of our work. In support of our goal to positively impact the lives of 1 Billion people across the globe by 2025, Dow people are committing their time and talents through traditional and skilled employee volunteerism.

The Dow Chemical Company Foundation

Established in 1979, The Dow Chemical Company Foundation contributes to sustainable communities by supporting strategic philanthropic investments to build the workforce of tomorrow and drive innovative global solutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges. The Foundation is a separately governed, private foundation designed to carry out the charitable efforts of Dow.