Community Well-Being

Dow's commitments to communities large and small enables economic development, sustainability and education leading to socially healthy and resilient communities, while also encouraging self-sufficiency.

There are unfortunate, widespread disparities in how resources and services are distributed among the world’s people. How can we bring about positive change against the backdrop of these inequities? We believe the answer is to “start locally, then leverage globally” – and that’s what Dow is doing across more than 200 sites in 35 countries around the world.

To drive community development and improve quality of life, we must attend to the social, economic and environmental needs of people and groups at the local level. For Dow, this begins with employee-led, grassroots involvement closest to the communities where we live and work. It continues by working with our partners to grow high-impact initiatives, which can then keep giving back to other communities around the globe.

  • Social – Our communities are hurting. More than 15 percent of the world’s people are vulnerable to multidimensional poverty. More than 59 million of the world’s children do not attend school. And many of those who do are still not able to read, write and do simple arithmetic. Then there are the problems of joblessness, urbanization and the lack of basic life amenities. Dow is stepping in with a variety of local projects that target these needs and help create sustainable communities.
  • Economic – Help families achieve economic stability through thriving businesses and a healthy local economy.
  • Environmental – Dow is committed to valuing nature in every business decision we make and leveraging our expertise for the protection and restoration of the planet. This includes helping communities recover from natural disasters.