By 2050, global energy use is projected to grow by two-thirds.
Without curbing emissions, climate change will dramatically affect
life on planet earth.

The Challenge

In the absence of efforts to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of carbon emisions, average global temperature rise is projected to be at least 6°C in the long term. This will lead to increased heat waves, droughts, storms and floods that can cause severe damage to key infrastructure and crops.

The world needs to dramatically reduce its energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the coming decades and find new, cleaner sources of energy to meet the growing demand. This will require utilization of various clean energy technologies, including renewable energy, nuclear energy, cleaner transport technologies, energy efficiency, and carbon capture and storage.

Source: International Energy Agency (IEA)

Where Science Can Help

The future of energy requires that people and businesses make the most efficient use of available energy resources, reduce the impact of energy use on society and the environment and tap into renewable energy sources.

Chemistry is critical to this future, which is why Dow has developed a variety of solutions to meet today’s needs, and continues to advance breakthroughs in science and chemistry for tomorrow. By combining technology advances with new and smarter ways to use energy, people and businesses can reduce the impact of energy use on society and the environment.

Dow's Solutions At Work

Dow products and technologies are addressing the challenge.