University Partnership Initiative Program

Dow’s University Partnerships 

At Dow, we realize the journey toward innovation is enhanced through collaboration. That’s why we develop relationships in academia and invest in universities all over the world, working with the brightest minds to transform research into solutions.

In addition to existing academic programs, in 2011 Dow bolstered its commitment at 11 leading U.S. universities by creating its University Partnership Initiative program.

The program provides an investment of $250 million to the universities over 10 years. The investments support faculty, students, and infrastructure, enabling a critical mass of resources to address some of the world’s leading challenges.

Our Academic Partners

Identified by their excellence in science and engineering research and a willingness to collaborate with industry, the following 11 universities are part of the partnership program:


University of California at Santa Barbara

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Minnesota

Georgia Tech

Penn State

University of Wisconsin

Northwestern University

University of California, Berkeley

Carnegie Mellon

University of Michigan