New HASE Rheology Modifier from Dow Offers Improvements as Replacement for Cellulosic Paint Thickeners

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - April 12, 2016 -

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), introduced new ACRYSOL™ DR-180 HASE Rheology Modifier this week at American Coatings SHOW and CONFERENCE 2016, offering a versatile solution for formulators and paint professionals in the development of contractor-quality paints. Realizing a balance of performance and cost is a challenge across the value chain, oftentimes requiring sacrifices in paint performance to achieve customer affordability. Rheology modifiers play a significant role in enhancing paint quality – ultimately offering the ability to transform a good formulation into a great, robust paint.

ACRYSOL™ DR-180 HASE Rheology Modifier offers value twofold – optimizing efficiency and flexibility in formulation without compromising core product performance and offering improved application in the areas contractors desire it most: coverage, touch-up and roller and brush application.

Flexibility for Formulators

As a partial or complete replacement for hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC), technology, ACRYSOL™ DR-180 Rheology Modifier offers exceptional dry pound efficiency and is compatible across a wide range of binder technologies and formulation spaces. "Its versatility and compatibility with other rheology modifiers allows for blending with HEC, other HASEs and even HEUR technology to give way to varying viscosity profiles to meet performance targets for quality to cost-effective maintenance paints," said Tara Conley, North America Additives technical sales leader, Dow Coating Materials.

This new HASE rheology modifier can also provide in-can stability and surface smoothness without impacting other paint properties – an additional value for the formulator and applicator alike.

Application Advancements

The coverage and touch-up performance and improved film integrity offered by ACRYSOL™ DR-180 HASE Rheology Modifier helps paint professionals maximize paint aesthetics in fewer coats and less time. This new rheology modifier helps a paint offer the desired look, feel and flow applicators want, for exceptional spray, brush and roller application. "ACRYSOL™ DR-180 HASE Rheology Modifier pushes the boundaries of paint performance and cost efficiency," said Carmen Rodriguez, North America Additives marketing manager, Dow Coating Materials. "This additive gives formulators the power to transform a can of paint to meet contractor demands for smooth finishes, excellent coverage and seamless touch-up. At the end of the day, these qualities help contractors improve profit potential by minimizing time on the job and retaining happy customers that can lead to referral business."

Conley discussed how this new associative thickener achieves these benefits at the 2016 American Coatings CONFERENCE during a technical presentation Monday, April 11.

1Manufactured without solvent
2Manufactured without APEO surfactants

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