Diversity & Inclusion


Our solutions are reshaping our world. And at the heart of our solutions are our people. Their diversity* is our strength. They reflect the world in which we do business and the communities in which we live. Dow is proud to join the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Representing 175 companies, 50+ industries and all geographies, our public commitment is driven by a realization that addressing diversity and inclusion is not a competitive issue, but a societal issue, that together we can play a critical role in addressing.


From formal training to policies that promote inclusion, accessibility and equal treatment, we invest in growing our understanding and appreciation of the differences among us to thrive. For more information on Dow's Corporate Diversity and Inclusion vision click here.


Our workforce is comprised of exceptionally talented employees. Each individual’s skill and willingness to work as ‘One Team’ makes us one of the most competitive companies in the market.

Every day, we are committed to building a vibrant, diverse and talented employee-base, investing in each employee’s growth and development through professional training and mentoring, community involvement and team building.

Our training programs are designed to challenge our employees and prepare them for the next step in their careers.


Our seven Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are key partners in helping us connect and engage talent. With over 170 chapters worldwide, our Networks are just one way we are making inclusion a hallmark of Dow.

Several of the ERGs have formed partnerships with external organizations to drive progress and change, develop community programs and pursue other outreach opportunities.

In addition to the ERGs, we also support informal employee groups, such as working parents, young professionals and biking clubs to promote camaraderie, teamwork and fun in the workplace.

Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council

Dow's Diversity and Inclusion strategy is championed by the Company's Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council. The council includes members of the company's Executive Leadership team. Each member is responsible for leading one of Dow's Employee Resource Groups.

The goal of the Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council is to drive efforts to enhance our workforce so it reflects a truly diverse and inclusive environment similar to that of our stakeholders, customers, and the communities in which we operate. The Council meets regularly to review progress, examine ways to collaborate in these efforts, and remove barriers that could impact the successful accomplishment of this goal.

"Employee Resource Groups remain critical to Dow's diversity and inclusion objectives, and our Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council stands ready to support the groups and drive meaningful actions that will promote true diversity and inclusion at Dow and enable all employees to reach their full potential."

Johanna Söderström, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources and Aviation

African-American Network (AAN)

The African American Network (AAN) focuses on supporting employees with their transition and development within the Dow Chemical Company. Its mission is centered on creating opportunities for employees to develop mentoring and networking relationships that enhance their career potential.


Asian Diversity Network (ADN)

Our Asian Diversity Network (ADN) promotes the personal and professional development of Dow employees across the company by offering a networking forum with peers and leaders, creating mentorship opportunities, and providing resources to develop skills necessary to succeed throughout all career stages. ADN also advocates for greater Asian cultural awareness across the company.

“While ADN has only been in existence for about a decade, it serves a vital role in building multicultural understanding and in creating opportunities to develop Asian leaders across multiple functions”

A.N. Sreeram, ADN Executive Sponsor
Corporate Vice President, Research & Development



Disability Employee Network (DEN)

Our Disability Employee Network (DEN) leads the charge to break down stereotypes of people with disabilities. Our continuing sponsorship of the Paralympic Games and partnership with the U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) highlights the talents of people with disabilities (PWDs) as well as the change in culture required for companies to embrace recruiting and working with PWDs.

“People with disabilities represent the single largest minority group seeking employment in today’s marketplace. Why would we not tap this incredible talent pool?"

Peter Holicki, DEN Executive Sponsor
Sr. Vice President, Operations



GLAD, Dow's employee resource group for LGBT and ally employees – Dow’s historic and long held commitment to improving LGBT workplace equality began more than a decade ago when it formed the Chemical industry’s first LGBT employee resource group, GLAD. GLAD has partnered with Dow leadership globally to advocate for equitable and inclusive policies and practices. Since 2004, Dow and GLAD have consecutively received a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index.

“Respect for all people is core to Dow’s value system, and EVERYONE should have the right to bring their whole self to work. It is the right thing to do.”

Howard I. Ungerleider, Executive Sponsor, GLAD
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President



Hispanic Latin Network (HLN)

The mission of the Hispanic Latin Network (HLN) is to engage and inspire employees to contribute to Dow’s success, by creating and promoting career, educational, mentoring and networking opportunities. HLN works to increase the visibility, skills and engagement of our participants by focusing on 3 pillars: to build the pipeline of Hispanic Talent, to develop and engage through activities and trainings, and to contribute to an inclusive environment that helps participants strengthen relationships cross-functionally.

“Diversity is a powerful enabler. HLN facilitate cross-functional connections that allow Dow to benefit from each employee’s unique background and life experiences.”

Charles Kalil, HLN Executive Sponsor
Executive Vice President and General Council


Middle East Intercultural Network (MEIN)

The Middle East Intercultural Network (MEIN) is focused on breaking stereotypes and bringing awareness and inclusion of Middle Eastern culture. As Dow continues to focus on the Middle East as an important part of our strategic growth, our goal in MEIN is to provide insight to individuals working, living, and conducting business in the Middle East.

"As Dow continues to expand in growth regions, it is imperative that we understand the backgrounds, cultures, and worldviews of all our individuals.”

Torsten Kraef, MEIN Executive Sponsor
Corporate Vice President of Strategy Development & New Business Development



Women’s Innovation Network (WIN)

Our Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) supports the professional development of women around the world, offering mentoring and networking opportunities, and providing access to professional development tailored to the unique needs of women at critical career stages.

“We intend to become a global pacesetter in our industry for bringing diverse perspectives to the table, and we need women to hold an important seat at that table, working to solve the issues affecting our world."

James (Jim) R. Fitterling
Vice Chairman, Business Operations



At Dow, our Veterans bring skills beyond their job title in the military. The knowledge and attributes they add to Dow’s workforce enables excellence in the workplace. The Veterans Network (VetNet) was established to preserve, promote and acknowledge the virtues of military service. This employee resource group focuses on attracting, retaining and mentoring active service members as well as Veterans into the Dow Chemical Company. VetNet also serves as an education resource for service members, Veterans and allies while also generating positive Veteran outreach to communities and areas central to Dow locations.

Peter Holicki

“Dow has a long standing commitment to veterans through hiring practices, community involvement and flexibility for our active military employees. We value the skills, dedication and work ethic that those with military experience bring to the workplace.”

Peter Holicki, Veterans Executive Sponsor
Sr. Vice President, Operations


* We are a stronger company by providing a culture of excellence, equality, safety and innovation that celebrates diversity across all spectrums: race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sex, age, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or mental or physical ability. 


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