Supplier Information

Dow's diverse, industry-leading portfolio of businesses offers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 160 countries. Dow Purchasing collaborates with suppliers around the world to help our businesses meet their objectives for profitability, growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Dow Purchasing looks for suppliers that:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to reliable, high-quality supply relationships
  • Have the capability to provide unique solutions, services and raw materials to support innovation
  • Collaborate with Dow to drive competitive advantage and product performance through differentiation
  • Join Dow in efforts to Set the Standard for Sustainability and embody highly responsible, ethical business practices, including sustainable labor practices.

Dow Purchasing is the conduit for suppliers to tap into significant opportunities. Our supplier expectations include:

  • Global presence – or local superiority – to support strategic geographies and a broad variety of needs
  • Consistency in supply, service, and quality, as well as participation in Responsible Care
  • Innovation
  • Green alternatives

In return, Dow offers opportunities for large sales volumes globally and improved supplier reputation. As Dow works to achieve its corporate commitments and growth goals through innovative products and technology, we will create the benefit of growth opportunity for our suppliers.