VORANOL™ 360 Polyol

A 4.5 functional, low viscosity, sucrose/glycerine initiated polyether polyol designed for the production of both high and low density rigid polyurethane foams. It can be used alone, or in combination with other polyols or fire retardant agents, to achieve desired properties. This polyol is an excellent choice when using either HCFC-141b or water as a blowing agent. This product is very compatible with polymeric isocyanates, which aids in processing high density foams where long cream time (45-60 seconds) is desired. The foaming reaction of systems based on this product is affected less by high humidity conditions \ than many other polyols. This yields uniform foam properties and improved adhesion to substrates. This product is ideal for high density foams such as furniture and decoration; and low density foams such as insulated panels, rail boxcars, portable coolers, pour-in-place insulation. And, it is well suited in polyol blends.



  • Average Equivalent Weight 155.8 g/eq, 155.8 g/eq
  • Average Kinematic Viscosity (cSt) 2016 cSt, 2016 cSt
  • Average OH Number 360 mg KOH/g, 360 mg KOH/g
  • Nominal Functionality 4.9
  • Nominal Molecular Weight  763 g/mol, 763 g/mol

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VORANOL™ 360 Polyol
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VORANOL™ 360 Polyol


VORANOL™ 360 Polyol
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