UNIGARD™ RE DFDA-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound

A non-halogen, flame retardant, thermoplastic, low smoke, low corrosive, and low toxic compound. It has been designed for general purpose, medium and low voltage applications. If needed, standard color concentrates (EVA or PE based) can be used. Used as jacket, it is designed to pass the IEC-332-3, the IEEE-383/UL-1685 vertical tray cable burn tests. Cable construction, of course, plays an important role in flame performance. This product can be used as jacket for 90°C rated cables. DFDA-1638 Natural is also designed to maximize processing and flame performance. This compound can sustain extrusion temperatures up to 362°F (200°C) and can be extruded in typical single-flight metering PE screws, barrier screws, Maddock screws, and screws with mixing pins. Features this product provides the following features: - Highly flame retardant (VW-1, IEC-332-3, IEEE 383 flame test ratings) - Environmentally friendly (lead-free, halogen-free, sulfur/antimony-free) - Low smoke, low corrosivity, and low toxicity - UV stabilized - Contains copper inhibitor - Ease of extrusion and no special screw required - Good electrical properties, moisture resistance, and fluid resistance - Good balance of toughness and flexibility - Excellent cut-through, crush, and abrasion resistance - Colorable for insulation and jacket applications



  • Dielectric Constant 60 Hz - 3.42, 100 kHz - 3.49, 1 MHz - 3.42, 6 MHz - 3.34
  • Dissipation Factor 60 Hz - 3.7E-3, 100 kHz - 7.6E-3, 1 MHz - .014, 6 MHz - .016
  • Elongation 180 %
  • LOI-Limiting Oxygen Index 39 %
  • Tensile Strength in MPa (psi) 12.4 (1800), 12.4 (1800) Not at Yield
  • Volume Resistivity 3.5E+14 ohms-cm

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UNIGARD™ RE DFDA-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound
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UNIGARD™ RE DFDA-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound


UNIGARD™ RE DFDA-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound
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