UHS PLUS™ Emulsion

Outstanding Ultra High Speed Burnish Response. The floor finish polymer is a metal-crosslinked, modified acrylic polymer specifically designed to provide outstanding ultra-high-speed (UHS) burnish response and “wet look” gloss. UHS Plus-based finishes are ideally suited for a wide range of applications in retail stores and other areas where outstanding appearance is desired.


  • In frequently maintained environments, UHS PLUS™ polymer-based formulations show superior resistance to pad scratch “swirling”, outstanding gloss build and excellent repair of traffic damage.
  • Polishes based on UHS PLUS™ polymer exhibit excellent gloss retention after many months of extensive wear and frequent burnishing.
  • If a recoat is desired, UHS PLUS™ polymer-based polishes have excellent application and recoating properties to maintain superior gloss build.
  • UHS PLUS™ polymer-based formulations offer floors long-lasting, high-quality protection that provides valuable savings.
  • Formulations based on UHS PLUS™ polymer require no initial burnishing for the first 24 hours, providing an important labor-savings benefit.
  • Where desired, UHS PLUS™ polymer may be utilized in formulations at or below 25% total solids content.
  • As additional feature, UHS PLUS™ polymer formulation UHS-61-5 and UHS PLUS™ polymer formulation UHS-61-6 can be burnished 45-60 minutes after the final coat is dry. The formulations will withstand the rigorous demands of repeated maintenance and continue to provide “wet-look” response where eye-catching performance is a must.



  • APE-free true
  • MFFT-Minimum Film Formation Temp >80 °C
  • 锌基交联 true

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UHS PLUS™ Emulsion
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UHS PLUS™ Emulsion


UHS PLUS™ Emulsion
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